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      The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Discover the Advantages of Doggy Daycare

In recent years, dog daycare has gained immense popularity among pet owners, and the reasons are abundantly clear. It offers peace of mind to owners who know their beloved pets are well-cared for during their absence, and it also provides a wealth of benefits for a dog's mental well-being, especially when started early in their lives.

1. Socialization and Mental Health:

Leaving a puppy alone for extended periods can lead to anxiety and depression. Dogs inherently crave socialisation and interaction with both their canine companions and humans. Without these vital interactions, they may resort to destructive behaviours such as excessive chewing, barking, or aggression. Dog daycare provides the ideal environment for puppies to engage in play and socialization with their furry friends, ultimately enhancing their overall mood and well-being.

2. Skill Development for a Lifetime:

Puppies attending dog daycare have the unique opportunity to acquire essential socialization skills that will serve them well into their adult years. They learn to engage in play and interact appropriately with other dogs and humans. Moreover, they are introduced to diverse situations, sounds, and people, nurturing their ability to become well-adjusted and adaptable adult dogs.

3. The Importance of Consistency:

To ensure optimal mental and physical development, it is recommended that puppies attend daycare at least twice a week, with daily attendance during their early developmental stages being the ideal scenario. Consistency in socialization and stimulation is paramount for their growth.

4. Choosing the Right Daycare:

Selecting a reputable dog daycare is crucial. Look for facilities with trained staff and proper amenities. Conduct research and seek recommendations before entrusting your furry friend to a daycare.

In conclusion, dog daycare offers unparalleled benefits for a puppy's mental health, including socialization, stimulation, and skill development that will extend into adulthood. Consistent attendance, coupled with the right choice of daycare, can pave the way for a happy and healthy adult dog.

Advantages of The Wag Club Dog Daycare:

Located in the picturesque Papamoa East area, The Wag Club Dog Daycare spans an impressive 200 square meters. Our facility boasts a fully fenced and private fun zone featuring synthetic turf, lush natural trees, and security cameras to ensure peace of mind. Your furry companions will relish a variety of toys, a refreshing pool, and shady umbrellas to beat the heat on scorching days. We even offer an indoor area for rainy days or a cosy nap. A full-time monitor is always on hand to guarantee the safety and enjoyment of our playtime activities.

By attending our daycare at least once a week, your dogs unlock a host of exclusive benefits, including discounts and priority access to our grooming salon, dog taxi service, and flexible concession card options with no expiration date (10, 20, or 30 days). We also offer the convenience of half-day care, perfect for sessions of up to 5 hours.

Additionally, regular attendance ensures your dog becomes familiar with our dedicated staff and fellow furry friends, creating a sense of belonging and making them feel like they're right at home, having a party each time they visit.



Important Notice Regarding Breed Restrictions at Our Doggy Daycare

At our doggy daycare, the safety and well-being of every furry guest is our top priority. To maintain a harmonious and secure environment, we have stringent admission criteria in place. Our selection process considers several factors, including breed, size, temperament, and age.

Please be aware that our facility is not designed for large breeds, even if they are puppies.

We want to be absolutely clear: we do not accept applications for dogs of certain breeds, such as English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Staffordshire Terriers (Staffies), or any mixes involving these breeds. This policy applies regardless of the dog's size or age. It is based on historical characteristics and physical strength associated with these breeds.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these breed restrictions. If you have a dog that falls into one of these categories or if your dog is of a large breed, we regret to inform you that we cannot accommodate them at our daycare facility.

Thank you for considering our daycare services, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further information about our admission policies.

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Meet Our
Daycare Team



Meet Tammy, our multitasking marvel!

With her impressive IT skills and an undying passion for dogs, she forges a seamless connection in today's digital age, allowing owners to follow and relish their furry companions' pictures and videos. But that's not all—Tammy also takes the wheel of our shuttle, making her a true superstar for some lucky dogs.

When she arrives to pick them up for grooming or daycare, their joy knows no bounds. Tammy's presence is the catalyst for canine happiness, and her dedication to making their day brighter is simply heartwarming.



Meet Alex, our dedicated Daycare Supervisor, who goes above and beyond to support our team. With boundless motivation and a perpetually positive attitude, he brightens up our facility every day.

Alex's natural connection with the dogs in daycare is heartwarming; they adore him for his playful interactions and the affection he showers upon them.

His commitment to creating a joyful and safe environment is truly exceptional.

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