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Welcome to our Mount Maunganui Branch

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Meet Our
Mt Maunganui Team


This is our newest branch, recently opened in February 2020. We offer our traditional grooming services and a beautiful pet grooming boutique, where you can find some specialised products for rabbits, dogs, cats and guinea pigs to use at home, under our professional advice. 

If you would like to prebook your dog for grooming here our booking online is now open and you can also call 07 572-0033.


A Natural Talent in Pet Grooming!

Cheyenne is the embodiment of a "natural talent" in the world of pet grooming. In just a few short months, she quickly honed her skills as a dog groomer assistant and has become an indispensable part of our team.

Based in the vibrant town of Mount Maunganui, Cheyenne now leads our bustling shop and salon with the invaluable support of her dedicated assistant, Helen. Together, they form a dynamic duo that consistently delivers exceptional service to our cherished customers.

Cheyenne's journey from novice to expert in the art of pet grooming is a testament to her innate abilities and dedication to her craft. With her at the helm, you can trust that your furry companions are in the hands of a true professional.

Join us at Mount Maunganui and experience the magic of Cheyenne and Helen's teamwork – where passion and expertise come together to pamper your pets like never before!

Our Services

We open Monday to Friday from 7:30am - 6pm and Saturdays from 9am until the last booking. 

The prices below are estimated and are subject to change once we meet your dog for full assessment.

Please note that all our services include bath and dry free of charge

The only service we provide without bath and dry is nail clipping and no booking is required for that. 

  • Bath & Brush

Service Description: Bath, blow dry, brush or deshedding (no mats removal).

  • Mini Groom

Service Description: Nails clipping, bath, blow dry, brushing, face trim, clipping sanitary areas, clipping paw pads, shaping feet.

  • Full Groom

Service Description: Full body hair cut of your choice, nails clipping, bath, blow dry, brushing, clipping sanitary areas, clipping paw pads.



Optional Extra Services - Price list.jpg

*All extra services must be attached to any grooming services. 

They are not provided separately.

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