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The Founder - Jozi Steindorff


Jozi is a highly experienced dog groomer with a profound love for canines, boasting a career in professional grooming that spans back to 1994. Originally hailing from Brazil, Jozi embarked on her New Zealand journey in 2012, and quickly fell in love with the beautiful community of Mount Maunganui. She shares her life with her twin daughters and her cherished dog, Laximi, and is grateful to have met her supportive husband, who has been instrumental in helping Jozi turn her dreams into reality.

Jozi's dog grooming journey in New Zealand began shortly after her arrival, and her dedication to her craft led her to establish The Wag Club in 2017. Starting in her own garage on Simpson Rd, she quickly outgrew her space and relocated to a larger facility, which is now the bustling Papamoa Branch. As her business continued to thrive, Jozi expanded her operations to include two more branches across the Tauranga area, including The Lakes and Mount Maunganui.

Notably, Jozi achieved the prestigious INTERNATIONAL MASTER GROOMER CERTIFICATION in New Zealand, a globally recognized accolade. Committed to delivering the best service to her clients, she ensures that her team is not only well-qualified but also compassionate towards every pet and their owners. Recognizing the unique needs of each dog, Jozi's team is dedicated to their mission of providing top-notch care.

Jozi's care extends beyond her clients to her staff. She firmly believes that a positive workplace environment is essential, and she prioritizes the happiness and well-being of each groomer on her team. At The Wag Club, Jozi fosters a nurturing atmosphere that benefits both her employees and, most importantly, the beloved pets they serve.

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